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I use Tarot as an invaluable multi-layered tool to gain perspective and insight on any situation, big or small. 

My approach is that of intuitive psychology and holistic counselling. 

The Tarot is not about predicting your fortunes, although it's possible to intuit those patterns, energies and dynamics that shape our past, present and future.

But most importantly, the images and symbols on the cards are an instrument that stimulates our subconscious, and bring to the surface an inner knowledge that we all have, without the filter of our conscious fears and bias.


"Not only was that educational for my purposes, but it was actually incredibly skilfully done and a moving experience."  - M.W., London


For £30, you will get a 25 minute video reading on a situation of your choice (max 3 questions), which I will do without your presence, and either send to you via wetransfer or private youtube link (with instructions on how to download it, before I permanently delete it).

For £60, we will have a one to one 1 hour live reading via Zoom or Skype. During this time it's better if we focus on one specific situation that you would like some clarity on, but you are welcome to ask any questions that come to mind to shed light on that situation.

If you require, this session can be recorded and sent to you afterwards, so that you can access it at any time.

I find re-listening to readings, after a few weeks or months have passed, is extremely useful as it helps gain more insights and perspective, as the events in your life unfold.

DISCLAIMER: I will not answer health related questions from a medical point of view, and always encourage to seek medical help if you feel something is not right. What I can do if needed, is to support my clients in finding how to deal mentally, emotionally and energetically with a medically challenging situation.

For bookings and enquiries, use the CONTACT FORM, or write to


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