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"It is rare that one can say to have undergone such a unusual, beneficial and all-round interesting experience in London, but in the experienced hands of Monica your ailments will be eased as you'll undergo this Gong Vibration experience in Covent Garden. My lymphoedema was relieved and the sound-journey was enthralling. Book a course of sessions now!" (Stefania Bochicchio, PR and Artistic Director of Draper Hall)

I had my first gong bath yesterday - I had no real idea what to expect, but having been suffering from headaches and tension every day for the last month or so I was looking forward to giving this a try! 
Monica is extremely friendly and welcoming, explains what the session will entail and how the vibrations can help. She quickly gets a sense of her client and a feel for which gongs and mallets to use to produce the vibrations that are best for them. My personal favourite was the tsunami which, having been overwhelmed by my headaches, felt so comforting. 
I left the session feeling energised and tingly, my shoulders felt looser and my headache had lessened. I also had a fantastic night's sleep afterwards!
Thank you Monica, I will definitely be back for another session!"
(Cathryn Gahan, Actress)

"Having tried this already, I can warmly recommend bathing in Monica's gong vibes... it truly is a blissful experience! Just go, lie down and let yourself go, your mind will happily begin to wander, and by the end of that journey you'll feel relaxed, energised, serene and you may have found out things about yourself you didn't know before!

Plus, Monica's aesthetic taste and sensitivity are out of this world, but if you know her you probably know that already!" (Andrea Civera, Senior Associate at Reddie & Grose LLP)

"I had two gong sessions and they were amazing! With just half an hour you can already feel the vibrations healing your body and mind. But most of all I warmly recommend to share a long session with friends, it's s an incredible experience, and Monica is a great and sensitive therapist. You don't need a specific reason to try this gentle sound massage, it will make you feel better anyway. I am looking forward to having the next one." (Gaia Bellunato, Singer)

"Monica is awesome. The room is cosy (and very comfy) so you can feel the vibrations right to the bone, and they vary from the most relaxing tinkle to some serious big sounds. Monica is also incredibly reactive to whoever is in the room - the intensity and level was spot on, and I spent the rest of the evening floating. It's definitely going to become part of my regular routine." (Hannah Whittingham, Yoga Teacher)

"This evening I was lucky enough to have a Gong Bath courtesy of the lovely Monica and it completely exceeded expectations! I now know why it's called a 'bath' because the sound of the gongs completely envelop you. Monica was so intuitive and played with such skill that I was able to clear my mind and utterly relax throughout the session. Afterwards I was left feeling relaxed yet rejuvenated and that has stayed with me for the entire evening. I can highly recommend this to everyone, especially if you're dealing with any stress in your life. I felt like I'd had an hour long massage and it was only 20 minutes! So good for the soul."  (Ashleigh Maude, Actress and singer)

"I knew nothing about Gong healing. I went to this bath session out of curiosity and it really feels like the sound is there for you, helping you bypassing the mind and just goes to solve whatever physical, mental or spiritual problem is annoying you. Being pregnant of nearly 7 months, I felt my baby moving happily and it helped me creating a connection with her. The informal yet curated environment of Monica's house gave to the experience the necessary relaxed atmosphere you need to dive deep in your emotions. Her calm and gentle voice guides you through the process. I will have regular sessions now, as I felt so better and calm after." (Maia Chiara Rossi, Owner of Donna Fugassa Bakery in London)

"I had a wonderful session with Monica after a very tiring few days: I could feel the vibrations releasing all sorts of physical and emotional tensions, my whole body felt energised and I had a fantastic night's sleep afterwards. Highly recommended!" (Liza Keast, Actress and singer) 

"My wife and I had a Gong session with Monica at Gong Vibrations Spa in Covent Garden. The ambiance in the Spa is very warm and welcoming. I felt immediately comfortable to let go. After lying down on the very comfortable mat the concert started. Monicas play is an amazing healing sound bath that is so well balanced and harmonious, the waves go deep, gently loosing up and dissolving tensions that have been waiting to be released in such a beautiful way. A treatment I would highly recommend, a relaxing and nourishing experience, energetic and subtle at the same time." (Emanuel Seiler)

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