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The gong's sounds and vibrations are known to be deeply healing on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level. 



The frequencies and harmonics of the gongs have been proven to decrease and slow down your brainwave activity, bringing your mental chatter to a standstill, in a state where your subconscious starts healing itself and receiving insights and intuition.



Based on the same principle of ultra-sound technology (but in a more natural way) the gongs' sound wave frequencies stimulate the frequencies in the human body, bringing back in tune what is out of balance. 

They also induce a release of endorphins and serotonin, the natural body chemicals which create a sense of well-being and a boost of the immune system.  

Finally the powerful vibrations penetrate your body providing a pleasant subtle massage.


Negative emotions such as fears and grief can usually be very toxic if they "don't move", if we cling on to them and start to identify with them (often we're not even conscious of this). These types of feelings tend to be stored in our solar plexus and belly area, and in the long term can manifest as actual physical diseases. During a gong bath, feelings and emotions are stirred, shaken to the core and brought up to the light.

The sound waves can loosen the negativity that we have tried to suppress or control, so that we can accept it and let it heal in its own time.

Some clients can experience deep sighing, some end up smiling or laughing, others are moved to tears. 

With the gong technique of the "Tsunami", an increasingly loud wave of sound, the client usually experiences a surrendering of barriers and resistances, and the negativity is washed away.


During a gong bath it is normal to enter a meditative state of trance, which sometime can trigger or increase our extrasensory perceptions: some experience flashes of images, visions of distant places or unknown people, bursts of insights about personal life situations, a sense of being more connected to the whole reality, out of body experiences, a sense of weightlessness and of being made of pure buzzing energy.

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