Monica is an italian actress, singer, cabaret performer trained at London's Royal Academy of Music, with an interest in the spiritual, esoteric, otherwordly realms, ever since her early years on this planet. It was only a few years ago though, that she met her first gong, while on a lucid dreaming retreat in a haunted mansion in Ireland. Of course it was love at first hearing! She found that the powerful sound of the gongs reach deep into people's souls like no other instrument, and after enrolling in a Gong Practitioner Course at the Northern School of SoundSmiths, she now offers sessions in her atmospheric and very bohemian Gong Vibrations Spa in Covent Garden

Polly, the Gong Ambassador


Little Polly had been rescued by Monica after a traumatic past, but she was still suffering from PTSD and irrational fears even after years in the safe environment of Monica's home. Magically, when the first gong arrived in Monica's home, Polly seemed to become more and more mesmerised by the gong sounds, often lying around the room while Monica was playing. Her behaviour also started to slowly change and she became a lot more comfortable and relaxed around humans. Today, Polly has become the Gong Ambassador, often posing for publicity photos and looking absolutely confident in front of the camera. But only if surrounded by the gongs!

Monica, the Gong Mistress